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Vincent Stone

Project Leader
  • Vincent Stone

    Vincent Stone graduated in Plastics Engineering at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, where he also earned a PhD. He later earned a part-time MBA degree from the Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management. He joined UCB Group (later Cytec Industries) in 1998, where he led several resin and additive development projects for coatings, inks and adhesives applications. He joined in 2010 ArcelorMittal, where he developed and managed a portfolio of pipe coating technology development and testing services for a range of clients along the oil and gas value chain. He then joined in 2015 the Ferro’s Polymer Additives business (later Synegis) where he led the customer and manufacturing support activities, as well as the global product stewardship activities for the benzoate and polyadipate plasticizers portfolios. Since May 2018, he has joined the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM). ECVM delivers a broad range of technical, sustainability, advocacy and communication services to the leading European PVC resin manufacturers. As Technical and Environmental Affairs Senior Manager, he is mainly in charge to develop the activities of the PVC4Pipes platform. He is also actively involved in the Additives and Sustainable Product Label activities of VinylPlus®, the association managing the voluntary sustainability commitment of the PVC value chain.

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René Hermkens

Senior Project Manager
Kiwa Technology
  • René Hermkens
    René Hermkens is born in the Netherlands in 1960. After his study of technical physics, he started to work in the gas business in 1986 at VEG Gas Institute now KIWA Technology. After different occupations varying from the research of the corrosion of high efficiency boiler and flue systems, to research of plastics materials used in the gas distribution, René is now a Senior Project Manager of various projects in the field of gas distribution technology. Using his extensive experience, René Hermkens is the manager of projects concerning optimization of safety, maintenance, quality of used materials and inspection techniques.
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David Buckby

Senior Research Analyst
David Buckby
  • David Buckby

    David Buckby received a MSc in Economics form the University of Bath, UK , in 2014.

    Prior to AMI Consulting, he worked at Transpoirt Intellignce, a UK-based provider of market research and consultancy services to the transport and logistics sector.

    As an Economist, he was the company’s lead market sizing analyst and managed numerous market sizing and forecasting studies on logistics markets such as road transport, freight forwarding and contract logistics. He was also a respected media commentator on a variety of supply chain topics, being regularly cited by industry publications.

    In 2018, he joined Applied Market Information Ltd., Bristol, England, joining the Energy & Infrastructure division. His core areas of focus include plastic pipes and steel pipeline coatings, but he also worked on a variety of single/multiclient projects covering other industries (e.g. global cables market).

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Bruce Hollands

Executive Director
PVC Pipe Association
  • Bruce Hollands
    Bruce Hollands is Executive Director of the PVC Pipe Association, a non-profit organization located in Dallas, Texas representing North American manufacturers of sustainable, corrosion-proof PVC pipe for water, sewer and irrigation infrastructure since 1971. The industry contributes to more than $14 billion of current annual output in the U.S. and supports over 25,000 jobs. He is the primary liaison with all levels of government and regulatory agencies and is responsible for developing public policy, technical standards and establishing the association’s strategic direction. He is a government relations, public affairs and business development specialist and has worked on behalf of industry, government and the not-for-profit sector. He has over 20 years of experience working with local government, water utilities and related state/provincial and federal agencies in Canada and the United States and has consistently advocated for open procurement policies and asset management practices as a means of making public infrastructure more cost-effective and efficient. He holds degrees in political science and history and is a member the American Water Works Association, American Society of Testing and Materials, American Society of Association Executives and a Member of the Board of Directors for the American City County Exchange, Vinyl Council of Canada and the Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management (SWIM) Center at Virginia Tech.
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Volker Meyer

Managing Director
  • Volker Meyer
    Volker Meyer graduated in building service engineering in 1993 from the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Germany). He then worked as chairman in various national and European standardization bodies in the field of drinking water. As chairman of the European Drinking Water Alliance since its creation in 2016, Volker Meyer advocated for uniform test procedures for materials that are necessary for supplying drinking water. After more than 25 years in the utilities industry, he became in November 2018, managing director of the German federal association of companies supplying components to the gas and water sector (Figawa).
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Peter Mercea

Senior Research Scientist
  • Peter Mercea
    Dr. Peter Mercea started more than 40 year ago its career as physicist in Romania where he has worked in R&D institutions until 1992. During this time he has also worked in R&D in Cincinnati/USA and Moscow/Russia. After emigrating to Germany, he has worked in the Fraunhofer-Institute IVV from Munich/Freising. Since 1997 he is Senior Research Scientist at the FABES-Research Ltd. Here he coordinates and works in the field of development of modeling tools and software for the calculation of “mass transfer phenomena” from polymeric materials into various contact media (foods, food simulants, drinking water, cosmetic products, human body and environment).
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Roger Loop

Bureau Leiding
  • Roger Loop
    After graduating in Dutch Law at Nijmegen University in 1988, and serving as an officer in the Dutch Army, Roger Loop started his career as corporate banker at ING Bank. In 1998 he left ING Bank to become director of Flexible Packaging Europe, the European trade association for the flexible packaging industry, with a special focus on food contact and waste prevention. In 2005 he became the director of BureauLeiding, the trade association for the plastic pipe system manufacturers in the Netherlands. Next to running the association, his focus lies with sustainability, standardisation and communicating the benefits of plastic pipes.
    Roger Loop is married, has 2 children, and lives in The Hague, The Netherlands.
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Gianpaolo Contarini

Area Manager
  • Gianpaolo Contarini
    Gianpaolo Contarini got two graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Ferrara (Italy) in 2008 and 2011. He started to work for the company IPM s.r.l. in 2011 as Engineer and Technical salesman. IPM is an Italian manufacturer of downstream equipment for plastic pipes extrusion lines, such as haul-offs, cutting machines, belling machines, bending machines, slotting machines, threading machines, packaging systems and special machines on request. Today he is in charge of several sales areas for IPM: Scandinavia area, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, England, South east Asia.
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Alessio Pariani

Quality Department Chief
  • Alessio Pariani
    Alessio Pariani graduated in 2012. He started working for Laborplast in the Quality Department in 2014 as Quality Controller. Since 2016, he serves as Quality Department Chief, with as main responsibility securing the quality of both on the purchase materials and finished products, through physical checks in the internal Laborplast’s laboratory. For more than 60 years, the main activity of Laborplast has been the manufacturing of cores for building, weaving and flexible packaging applications. Since Laborplast’s creation, the founders have decided to focus on PVC recycling. Within a few years, Laborplast has almost completely abandoned the use of virgin PVC. Through continuously improving the quality of the recycled formulations, products almost indistinguishable from virgin products in terms mechanical and aesthetic characteristics could be produced.
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Stefan Eingärtner

Technical Director
  • Stefan Eingärtner
    Stefan started his professional career in the chemical and plastic business of Hoechst AG Frankfurt. After assignments in Japan, France and the US he joined Kalle, a producer of rigid films for packaging and technical applications as sales director. After a joint venture between Kalle and Klöckner formed in 1996 he held a number of key senior management positions before taking over as Managing Director of the technical films division of Klöckner Pentaplast, a leading global rigid film business. In 2007 he decided to set up his own consultancy business. Stefan is involved in the European VinylPlus program since 2010.
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Giuseppe Riva

Regional Director
  • Giuseppe Riva
    Giuseppe Riva graduated from the University of Milan in 1971 with a Degree in Industrial Chemistry. Over the next ten years Giuseppe worked in the research and marketing departments of various chemical companies. In 1981, he joined Montedison and later assumed responsibility for Montedison’s office in Prague. Giuseppe returned to Montedison’s headquarters in Milan in 1988, as assistant to the President of Ferruzzi Europa and Federchimica. He moved to EniChem/Polimeri Europa in 1991 to manage Strategic Studies and Competition Analysis. In January 2000, Giuseppe joined the Internal Relations department of Federchimica. Since 2004 Giuseppe has been Regional Director for PlasticsEurope Italy.
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Mario Romersi

Technical Director
Italian Plastics Institute
  • Mario Romersi
    Mario Romersi graduated from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. As Product & Systems Certification expert with a strong technical background and a considerable work experience in international organizations, he currently holds the position of Technical Director at Istituto Italiano dei Plastici S.r.l. (IIP), the leading Certification Body and Testing Center for the plastic sector in Italy. He manages the activities related to product and systems certification and leads the Product Certification Committees for the issuing of IIP product marks. Among other duties he is President of the CISQ Automotive Consortium, member of the Boards of Directors of CISQ and UNIPLAST.
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Roland Dewitt

  • Roland Dewitt
    Roland Dewitt got his PhD in chemistry in 1984 at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He started his career with Solvay as researcher in polyethylene catalysis, then as technical support for PE pipes. He has been in charge of the organisation of standardisation monitoring for the plastics sector of Solvay, being himself involved in a series of CEN and ISO standardisation committees, including the chair of CEN TC 249 on Plastics.

    He is now consultant for ECVM, the PVC sector of PlasticsEurope, covering standardisation matters related to fire safety and PVC products for construction. He is involved with PVC4Pipes regarding standardisation of PVC piping systems at CEN TC 155 and its WG25, responsible for PE, PP and PVC recycled materials.

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Alessandro Marangoni

  • Alessandro Marangoni
    Prof. Alessandro Marangoni is specialised in strategy and corporate finance in the energy and environmental industries. Alessandro was a researcher at Space Bocconi and teaches various academic and master classes. Alessandro is the scientific Director of Irex Monitor, a think tank on the renewable energies industry. He is also the Director of WAS – Waste Strategy, a research centre on waste management and recycling, and is the director of Top Utility, an observatory on top public utility. He is also a member of many associations and initiatives, including the Renewable Industry Advisory Network of IEA, the International Energy Agency in Paris and a member of REN21 of the UN the International Association for Energy Economics.
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