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VinylPlus is organising 4 workshops for VinylPlus partners to discuss and collect ideas permitting to shape the VinylPlus programme beyond 2020.

There will be 4 workshops taking place in different locations across the EU:

1) 28 January in Frankfurt - 9am to 5pm
2) 4 February in London - 9am to 5pm
3) 11 February in Milan - 9am to 5pm
4) 18 February in Brussels - 9am to 5pm

The workshops will be moderated by The Natural Step International and VinylPlus.

The content of all workshops will be the same.

By organising workshops in four different European locations we would like to facilitate the participation of colleagues from different regions. There is no limitation on the number of participants per workshop session but, for the sake of efficiency, about 15 - 20 participants would be optimal. If appropriate, one person will be able to participate in several workshops. The final workshop in Brussels will be probably the one which is the best suited for our colleagues from the EU associations who are based in Brussels, but of course the company representatives will be welcome as well.

We hope to attract participants from companies and associations who have different technical/marketing/communication backgrounds in order to have a large plurality of opinions.

The workshop agendas will be sent well before the workshops, together with some pre-readings.

We invite you to sign up as soon as possible to a workshop of your choice.

The VinylPlus Team

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